Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Night Pack Rips!

If you missed this morning's pack break, you should go back and look.  I doubt there will be a better pack out of this box (or pretty much any box of 1995 UD Collector's Choice for that matter)!  Despite my fears that we've already found the best the box has to offer, let's keep ripping (after all, I'm still hoping for a silver or gold signature Larkin parallel)!

Pack 4:
21.  John Mabry
My second duplicate of the box so far...
75.  Frank Thomas

I like the full bleed photos - only certain players get that treatment (mostly stars of the era).
163.  Kent Mercker
221.  Jose Offerman
335.  Jeffrey Hammonds
435.  Johnny Ruffin
472.  Kirk Gibson
Silver Sig:  69.  Fred McGriff - Braves

I'm doing wonderful pulling Braves silver signature parallels...  At least they are easy to trade away!
Silver Sig:  477.  John Doherty - Tigers
CG7.  You Crash the Game:  Juan Gonzalez - Rangers

This one wasn't a winner - in fact, of the three Juan Gonzalez You Crash the Game cards, only one ended up being a winner (the one for the September 3 game).

Pack 5:
20.  Paul Wilson
23.  Garret Anderson
Three duplicates in the box so far and all three happen to be Rookie Class subset cards.  Weird.
74.  Randy Johnson
162.  Greg McMicheal
220.  Eric Karros
334.  Brady Anderson
434.  Jose Rijo

Jose Rijo has some of the best baseball cards - I really need to go through and pick out all the ones I have...he's hilarious.  Lots of weird glasses and water guns!
473.  Tony Phillips
Silver Sig:  11.  Mark Thompson - Rockies
Silver Sig:  512.  Pat Kelly - Yankees

Not the worst pair of packs, but they had no shot at comparing to this morning's pack!  All in all, I'm happy - plus I got a couple more Reds which is good (still no Larkin though).


Hackenbush said...

Love the Rijo--understated but funny.

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