Sunday, January 12, 2014

Griffey Jr, Thomas, and Larkin? Oh My!

This past week was a hectic week between the start of school, crazy cold temperatures (and wind), and the usual winter driving annoyances to and from work each day.  On the other hand, it's also been a fun week because I got finish off my first Christmas box (Fleer Sports Illustrated) and begin a second (1995 Collector's Choice).  Since I'm in a surprisingly good mood for a Sunday, let's keep ripping packs from the CC box!

Pack 8:
18.  Mark Acre
25.  Dustin Hermanson
71.  Matt Williams
159.  Tony Tarasco

217.  Rafael Bournigal
331.  Chris Hoiles
431.  Reggie Sanders
476.  Chris Gomez
Silver Sig:  185.  Ricky Bones - Brewers
Silver Sig:  418.  Tim Naehring - Red Sox

A few years ago, I couldn't keep Red Sox cards on hand...  Now?  It seems like my box of Boston trade bait cards is one of the fuller boxes (though it pales in comparison to the Brewers - a team that I think has been requested in a trade exactly once since I started this blog)!

Pack 9:
17.  Juan Castillo
26.  Paul Shuey
70.  Ken Griffey Jr.

Who is Griffey posing with - and why is she decked out in Upper Deck gear?  The back of the card doesn't make any mention of the front image...
158.  Roberto Kelly

I think Kelly's signalling first down - which would make sense if he were an Atlanta Falcon.  Maybe he's just confused?
216.  Mike Morgan
330.  Rafael Palmeiro
430.  Barry Larkin

I already had this card in my collection - still holding out hope that I'll pick up either the silver or gold signature parallel (or both if the baseball card gods really love me).  That said, this is a pretty great Larkin card with a spectacular (and unique) front image)!
477.  John Doherty
Silver Sig:  31.  Jim Pittsley - Royals
Silver Sig:  64.  Frank Thomas - White Sox

I'm going to guess that someone will want that Frank Thomas parallel.

The first pack might have been sort of dull - but the second pack more than made up for it.  The one disappointment with the second pack was that I pulled the second Jim Pittsley silver signature parallel card in the box.  That simply shouldn't happen - two of the same parallel...ugh.  Despite that, I believe that this is a fun set - and depending how many cards I end missing when all is said and done, I could see myself picking up another box of this in the future!


Anonymous said...

In 1994, UD came out with the Collector's Choice brand for the first time. The grand prize for the "you crash the game" contest was to be included on Griffey's 1995 Collector's Choice card. The lady pictured won the contest, though I'm not sure of the details of how she won it. I think at the time Beckett probably had info in BBCM.

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