Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year - Here's Some Baseball Cards!

Happy New Year everyone!  While some of you are spending this morning recovering from your hangovers, I'll be busting another pair of 1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated packs!

Pack 15:
20.  Jose Canseco
27.  David Cone
34.  Darin Erstad
39.  Steve Finley
198.  Tony Saunders

Mini poster:
28.  Fred McGriff

A lot of Rays in that pack!  I didn't know Tony Saunders was the first player chosen by the Rays in their expansion draft.  Saunders was plucked from the Marlins - which in 1998 wasn't a good thing seeing as how the Marlins were coming off their own World Series victory.

Pack 16:
33.  Scott Erickson
37.  Alex Fernandez
40.  Travis Fryman
66.  Randy Johnson

How's that mullet photo?  This must be a "gotta have" for any baseball card fan!!
183.  Jeff Bagwell

Mini poster:
2.  Matt Williams

Another fun pair of packs - almost every pack has at least one card that I love...but I don't know of many cards that will top that mullet-tastic Randy Johnson card.  Could we have my "best pull of 2014" on the very first day of the year?  For the record:  I hope not!


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