Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Baseball Rules Trivia - Do You Know This One?!

It's time for a couple more packs of 1995 UD Collector's Choice.  Once again, I've pulled a trivia card - so I've posted the question for you (and the answer this time around as well)!

Pack 28:
14.  Joe Randa
86.  Barry Bonds

This is the trivia question:
Backpedaling to catch Fred McGriff's long drive, Barry Bonds realizes he has turned the wrong way; the ball is coming over his other shoulder, and his arm is a few inches too short to make the play.  There's no time to turn, so he takes of his cap and catches the ball in it.  What's the call?

  • A.  McGriff is credited with a triple and may try for home at his peril.
  • B.  McGriff is out.
  • C.  McGriff is credited with a triple.
  • D.  McGriff is credited with a home run.

What do you think the answer is?  This time, I've put the actual answer at the bottom of the post!
174.  B.J. Surhoff
232.  Chan Ho Park
346.  Joey Hamilton
361.  Mariano Duncan
446.  Eric Young
461.  Tom Gordon
Silver Sig:  298.  Kurt Miller - Marlins
Silver Sig:  379.  Jeff King - Pirates

Pack 29:
15.  Derek Jeter
85.  Cal Ripken Jr.
173.  Jeff Cirillo
231.  Todd Hollandsworth

How fake is this photo?!
345.  Eddie Williams
360.  Gregg Jeffries
445.  Charlie Hayes
462.  Kevin Appier
Silver Sig:  144.  Shawn Green - Blue Jays
Silver Sig:  458.  Vince Coleman - Royals

My good luck with getting trade bait out of the silver signature parallels has apparently run dry.  Marlins, Pirates, Blue Jays, and Royals do not make overly great trade bait (not to mention the fact that I already pulled a Jeff King Silver Signature parallel in a previous pack)!

The answer to the Barry Bonds trivia question is actually A - McGriff gets credit for a triple and may try for home if he wishes.  This is because Bonds deliberately touched a fair ball with his cap (all runners get three bases - i.e. score and the batter may attempt to score as well).


jacobmrley said...

I learned the baseball cap thing watching a Mets game in the late 80's and Lenny Dykstra threw his hat at the ball; he didn't touch the ball with his hat, but the announcers laid down that bit of knowledge. Funny how things stick, even 25 years later.

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