Saturday, February 22, 2014

Are There Certain Guys Who Just Seem to "Kill" Your Team?

The Topps Stadium Club Chrome box has all been sorted out by team.  The worst team in the box?  My Reds (only a single base card).  Most other teams did quite well though, including the majority of the claimed teams (which as group break host is something I'm glad to see).  What will be the next box that I'll finish and then sort out completely?  Right now, it's a close battle between Flair and Tek in terms of which box we'll complete next.  Let's get another couple of Flair packs under our belts, shall we?

Pack 15:
137.  Jeff Conine - Marlins
143.  Jeff Bagwell - Astros

I was happy to see Bagwell and Berkman leave the Astros because both of them seemed to absolutely annihilate Reds' pitching (of course, most teams crushed the Reds through most of the late 90s and early 00s so I guess that isn't saying much).
171.  Todd Hundley - Mets
183.  Kevin Stocker - Phillies
184.  Jay Bell - Pirates
193.  Jose Oquendo - Cardinals
207.  Barry Bonds - Giants
211.  Kevin Rogers - Giants
8 of 10:  Outfield Power:  Kirby Puckett - Twins

Nice to see the Twins slot get a little insert love!  That's the beauty of hosting a group break with a spread of years (in terms of boxes).  Teams that might be weaker in one era might have more star power in another era (the Twins are a perfect example of that)!

Pack 16:
118.  Eddie Zambrano - Cubs
139.  Charles Johnson - Marlins
145.  Tony Eusebio - Astros
173.  Jim Lindeman - Mets
186.  Ravelo Manzanillo - Pirates
195.  Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
209.  Darren Lewis - Giants
213.  Matt Williams - Giants
7 of 10.  Hot Numbers:  Mike Piazza - Dodgers

Another Hot Numbers card - and I can now happily report that the numbers on the front are unique to the player in question.  

Pack 16 seemed to be almost entirely duplicates (besides the Hot Numbers insert).  That's not cool - especially since I believe we are still missing plenty of cards from the set!


JediJeff said...

The Puckett insert is nice and simple, which means it's beautiful.

Tony L. said...

Always nice to get a Hall of Famer. And that Puckett is a really attractive looking card.

P-town Tom said...

I feel like the Killer B's (Bagwell, Biggio, Berkman) had the Cubs number. Craig Counsel also stands out in my mind for some reason.

Nice Puckett!

Bru said...

Yeah! A nice Bagwell that I don't have yet. For the Astros, it felt like Adam Dunn always had our number. Couldn't stand him coming to bat.

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