Thursday, February 20, 2014

I See Your Tanaka and I Raise You One Todd Van Poppel.

I was going to use tonight to open up the final group break box.  However, I decided to hold off on that because today ended up being a terribly long day for me.  It's better to go with some packs that won't require me to use my brain as much.  I think some more 1995 Flair would do the trick.

Pack 13:
109.  Tony Tarasco - Braves
134.  Walt Weiss - Rockies
149.  Dave Veres - Astros
158.  Tim Wallach - Dodgers
167.  Jeff Shaw - Expos
169.  Bobby Bonilla - Mets

170.  Rico Brogna - Mets
190.  Paul Wagner - Pirates
192.  Bernard Gilkey - Cardinals

I have to admit, that pack wasn't even a little bit inspiring.  It was a struggle to even find a card worth scanning.  It's gotta get better from here, right?

Pack 14:
7.  Mike Oquist - Orioles
23.  Wilson Alvarez - White Sox
35.  Manny Ramirez

A bonafide star!  It's been awhile since we found one.
56.  Bill Wegman - Brewers
57.  Chuck Knoblauch - Twins
76.  Mark McGwire - Athletics
77.  Todd Van Poppel - Athletics

Yeah, I scanned Van Poppel instead of Big Mac.  Deal with it.
91.  Dean Palmer - Rangers
100.  John Olerud - Blue Jays

I think Pack 14 was much, much better than Pack 13 - wouldn't you agree?  I still find it odd how most packs are either all NL or all AL.  Kind of a bummer that you only need to look at the first card to know if you have a shot at finding a card of your team in the pack!


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