Saturday, February 01, 2014

It's February but I'm Still Catching Up on Christmas Cards (Delivery Time from Bleedin' Brown & Gold)!

Way back in December of 2013, I received a surprise Christmas card from Duff over at the excellent Bleedin' Brown and Gold blog.  Duff is one of the few Padres collectors that I know - and I'm happy to know since I now have a place to dump off all my Padres!

Anyhow, Duff sent me a nice little Christmas card - and inside?  A little Christmas gift for yours truly!

Yeah - it's an unopened LEGO Series 11 Collectible Minifigure pack!

I was instantly thrilled when I saw what Duff included as I've had terrible luck tracking down Series 11 anywhere around me.  Even better, when I opened up the pack I found one of my most wanted figures in the set!

It's the Bavarian Girl - easily one of the best figures in the entire Series (and probably one of my favorite 25 figures out of all 11 Series)!!  I've professed my love for Germany (and the surrounding area) a few times on my blog - and I've been fortunate enough to have visited Germany twice in my life this little gal reminds me of those great times (and great food - and drink)!

Thanks for the kind card and sweet surprise Duff!  I have (finally) scraped together a tiny return package that should be at your house (or there within a day or two) by the time you read this.  I'm sure I'll be pulling more Padres in the future and I'll be sure to keep you in mind then as well!

As for anyone else - if you want to trade cards or LEGO, let me know!  I'm always up for a trade - and we can mix cards & LEGO if that's your thing too!


Comatoad said...

I'm glad it worked out for you. I saw the pack at our local Target store and thought it'd be perfect for you. They may have a few more there, if you're interested. I tried to find a specific Christmas gift for everyone I've done a trade with. Wait until next year!

Comatoad said...

Also, what part of Germany were you in? I've been to Grafenwoehr twice for military exercises and then was stationed at Wiesbaden for 9 months. My sister's husband was assistant manager of the Burger King in Wiesbaden. I have to agree with on Germany...I loved it over there and would love to bring my wife to show her some of the places I've been.

Fuji said...

Bavarian pretzels rule! Great figure.

Nachos Grande said...

I've been all over Germany (along with Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia). I love that entire region - some of the most interesting sights, beautiful countryside, great food, and wonderful beer!

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