Sunday, February 16, 2014

Much like the snow, the Group Break continues on and on!

Before I get to the next group of packs for the group break, I need to thank Baseball Card Exchange (our group break sponsor)!

Now, let's get to the cards.  How about a couple more Stadium Club Chrome packs?

Pack 17:
47.  Vinny Castilla - Rays
131.  Miguel Cario - Rays

This is my favorite card of pack #17 - what a great action shot from a somewhat unique angle.  I especially like how most of the play is framed within the card (all but the baseball unless I'm blind).
137.  Tony Gwynn - Padres
162.  Juan Encarnacion - Tigers
174.  Tony Fernandez - Blue Jays

Not a bad pack.  The Rays picked up a pair of cards which boosted their total to six which is quite respectable at this early juncture of the break.

Pack 18:
72.  Andruw Jones - Braves
73.  Eric Young - Cubs
119.  John Valentin - Red Sox
175.  Sammy Sosa - Cubs
EG1.  Eyes of the Game:  Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks

Another Eyes of the Game insert card - this time for Arizona.  The Eyes of the Game cards are seeded 1:16 which meant we weren't necessarily guaranteed to get two in our box - I'm glad we did though because these cards are really cool!  Congrats to Tony L. who claimed the D-backs on nabbing this sweet Johnson card.


Tony L. said...

That is a nice Randy Johnson card!

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