Thursday, March 20, 2014

2013 Topps Chrome Box Break: Finding a Box Hit!

My 2013 Topps Chrome box from Christmas is down to having a mere six unopened packs.  In one of those six packs there should be the second promised autograph of the box - something that I'm still holding out some semblance of hope that it is a good one!

As I've been doing throughout the week, let's rip two more packs in this post!

Pack #19:
42.  J.P. Arencibia
117.  Matt Harvey
147.  Sean Doolittle
141.  XFractor:  Neftali Feliz

The Feliz is the fourth such XFractor from the box (which at 1:6 packs means I it should be the final such parallel in the box).  I have to admit that I was hoping to land at least one Reds' parallel but so far no luck on that front...  Still, there are worse players (and teams) to get than this Feliz as a Ranger.

Pack #20:
15.  Melky Cabrera
17.  Fernando Rodney
97.  Nate Freiman
Dy-FH.  Dynamic Die Cuts Insert:  Felix Hernandez

The Dynamic Die Cuts Inserts are seeded 1:24 packs (or 1 per box).  I actually sort of like this card design...but the inserts are way too rare for me to actually consider putting together the insert set (which is a shame).  I would prefer to trade this card for one of the many Reds in the set (Chapman, Bruce, Cueto, or Votto).  

Still no second autograph, but at least we did find a box hit this time around.  Only four packs remain - I sure hope that second autograph is lurking in one of the packs!


JediJeff said...

I pulled the Braun die cut from a rack pack at Walmart. Threw it in the mailings I sent out for Christmas.

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