Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 243: 1992 Fleer - #411

Barry Larkin
Year:  1992
Brand:  Fleer
Card number:  411

The 1992 Fleer set was a remarkable change from the yellow bordered 1991 set.  In fact, the 1992 set is probably one of the nicer Fleer sets of the least for teams not wearing red!  The red name and uniform coupled with the bluish-green border is a bit of an eyesore to me.  However, despite the coloration issues, the rest of the card design is quite solid (especially the backside of the card).  I like the vertical back layout (especially in a binder) and the second image on the reverse is also appreciated.  I also like how the card number is easy to locate (and read) - something that Fleer didn't always get right!

All told, the 1992 Fleer set probably won't go down in history as a great set - but it was a big improvement over the 1991 set (which is really all you can ask for from a card company...improve upon last year's effort)!


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