Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Topps Chrome: Refractors & XFractors Baby!

I've barely begun opening my box of 2013 Topps Chrome but I can already say that it's been an enjoyable break so far.  Of course, a lot could change in the next 20 packs - but for now I'll maintain my optimistic attitude!  Here are the next couple of packs.

Pack #5:
80.  Shelby Miller
204.  Jacoby Ellsbury

212.  Ryan Zimmerman
99.  Refractor:  Craig Kimbrel

The refractors are unnumbered and seeded 1:3 packs.  If I'm not going to get a Reds' refractor, I'm happy to pull a Brave since I have so many Braves bloggers that I trade with!  I'm sure at least one of them would be happy to have the shiny Kimbrel in their collection.  I also should mention that I like the Ellsbury base card quite a bit - an interesting image that you don't see captured on cardboard all that often.  Kudos to Topps.

Pack #6:
12.  Manny Machado
73.  Trevor Rosenthal
137.  Mat Latos

153.  XFractor:  Dan Straily

The XFractors are seeded 1:6 packs and while they look nice enough I can't say I'm overly enthused about getting an one seems to want A's cards...  I guess Mr. Straily will be living in my collection for the forseeable future!  The good news is that I landed my first Red of the box - and it's one of my favorite current Reds' pitchers:  Mat Latos!


Brad's Blog said...

If you're looking to fill out the set after breaking, let me know I have tons of extras

Mark Hoyle said...

Like that ellsbury

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