Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Great Reorganization: Step 2: The Initial Sorting Begins (with Trade Bait!)

I've actually managed to get a bit accomplished in terms of the Great Reorganization that I'm currently undertaking.  For starters, I have sorted out (by year, not yet by set) most of the trades that have come my way in the recent months - and a bunch of boxes & packs that I've opened for myself.

The cards are stacked by year on the table.

While it feels good to have accomplished something already, the real work hasn't even yet begun!  For instance, I need to sort all of these stacks...

...and these...

And that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

On the bright side, I do expect to end up with a lot more trade bait as I complete this process (in fact, I better end up with a lot of trade bait since the goal is to downsize the collection a bit so that I can add some new stuff)!

Even though I've barely begun, I did stumble upon a full base set (no short prints) of the 2005 Upper Deck Classics set (cards 1 - 100).

This set is full of legends of the game and is quite nice actually for anyone who might be interested in some of the greatest players to play the game.  For now, I'd like to make this 100 card base set available for sale or trade (here's an easy link to my want list).  I'm also perfectly content to sell this for a nominal fee (plus enough to cover shipping costs).  If no one is interested, I think I'll be listing this on eBay before too long...  After all, I need to start saving up some cash to pay for this year's Allen & Ginter binge!

As I mentioned at the outset, my goal is to clear out some unwanted stuff in my collection in order to fill in some of the gaps in sets that I am working on (and to also make room for 2014 sets and beyond).


petethan said...

Oh I want! I'll email you.

Mark Hoyle said...

Ethan, you beat me to the punch. That's a nice little set. Chris dropped you a couple PWE in the mail today

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