Friday, March 14, 2014

What's the Next Box to Be Opened at Nachos Grande?!

Other than Allen & Ginter's and Archives, I didn't buy much in the way of cards in 2013.  Of course, for the amount that I ended up spending on the two previously mentioned sets, there wasn't much of a way for me to buy more sets even if I wanted to.

However, thanks to a very merry baseball card Christmas, I landed a box of 2013 Topps Chrome that I've been waiting (seemingly forever) to open.  My plan is to open this a few packs at a time (in order to prolong the fun) and, when all is said and done, hopefully review this box in its entirety and then add it to my Box Reviews page (a page which is is sorely lacking in any new products!).

Here's what the front of the box looks like...

As you can see, Topps was really proud of the fact that you get two autographs in the box.  I'm sure* my box holds one of those Ultimate Chase Autographs (maybe either Ken Griffey Jr. or Willie Mays).

*I'm also "sure" I'll win the lottery next week and that winter will never come back.  Psh.

I don't think I've ever opened up a box of Topps Chrome for myself (the closest that I've gotten is the Stadium Club Chrome box that I busted for the recent group break but that most definitely wasn't for me)!  This box is all mine!  Mine, mine, mine!  (Ok, ok, I'm sure I'll get some trade bait too so holler if you see something you want.)

Here we go!  The box contains 24 packs with 4 cards per pack.  Here are the first two packs out of the box.

Pack #1:
46.  Mike Napoli
105.  Casey Kelly

189.  Alfredo Marte
CC-MH.  Chrome Connections Die Cut:  Matt Harvey

Initial thoughts?  First, whoa to the die cut card (seeded 1:12 packs).  That thing has some sharp edges and sort of looks like a shield crest from medieval times (it's cool and I like it)!  A quick glance at the checklist of the Chrome Connections set showed me there are exactly zero Reds in the insert set (always disappointing) so I guess I'll be happy with Mr. Matt Harvey.  The first three base cards out of the box weren't overly inspriting - though I chose to scan Casey Kelly because it looks sort of like he has a lemon on his necklace...

Pack #2:
52.  Troy Tulowitzki

77.  Josh Johnson
180.  Zack Wheeler
72C-GS.  1972 Topps Chrome:  Giancarlo Stanton

The 1972 Topps Chrome inserts are also seeded 1:12 packs so the first two packs of the box have yielded some of the rarer (but still guaranteed) cards in the box!  This set is also devoid of any Reds (boo!) so I guess I'll take whoever I get.  On the other hand, the base cards in this pack were much stronger (in terms of player selection).  The Tulo card is particularly nice.

That was a fun start to the box (though I do hate four card packs - they seem so cheap)!  I'm planning on ripping this box in a slow fashion - but who knows, it's sort of killing me to put the box aside to go make scans of the first two packs...


Mark Hoyle said...

Is that Napoli a Red Sox

Need More Cardboard said...

I don't know how you can open a box in this fashion...once I start a box I don't stop until it's all done.

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