Friday, April 18, 2014

Embedded Newspaper Box Scores in Cards - I Like It!

There's something wonderful about having a box of cards to open.  I don't know what it is - for some reason if I have a full box of cards waiting to be ripped, I'm ecstatic.  Sure, opening up single packs can soothe the itch...and blasters are nice enough I suppose.  But really, full boxes are where it is at.

Happily, I've managed to hold off opening one such full box until this week - and now it's time to continue ripping the 2003 Fleer Box Score box.

Pack 5:
14.  Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson looks like Goliath in this photo!
28.  Jimmy Rollins
45.  Sean Burroughs
54.  Rich Aurilia
74.  Mark Prior
97.  Alfonso Soriano
First Edition Parallel:  Jesse Foppert #072/150

The First Edition parallels are cool - you get an actual box score (from a newspaper) in the front window...and the back of the card contains the serial number.  I don't know much about Foppert - but I do know this is a pretty sweet card (and a nice way to tie-in the product name).  Quite frankly, a box score from a random newspaper is probably just as close to authentic as a scrap of cloth in your typical relic card!

As for the card itself, it is apparently card #107 in the set (there are ten rookie Box Score Debuts numbered to 599 in the base set - card numbers 101 - 110).  This is the parallel though (and thus rarer)...  Nonetheless, I would have thought the card would have a card number on it but alas, it does not.  

Pack 6:
4.  Barry Zito
10.  Ivan Rodriguez

This is a gorgeous card!
36.  Carlos Beltran
62.  Jacque Jones
76.  Albert Pujols
87.  Larry Walker
119.  Termel Sledge

The Sledge card is another one of the 1:6 rookie short prints.  The real prize of the pack though is the Ivan Rodriguez card...I love that one!

That was a fun pair of packs - a short print, a serially numbered parallel, a bunch of really nice base cards.  The more of this set that I open, the more sure I am that I'm going to try and collect the full set!  There's hope that I get the full set (sans short prints) from the'll all depend on the collation!  So far, so good on that front at least!


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