Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ending the Suspense: Heritage Blaster #2

By now, I know the anticipation is killing you in regards to the second blaster of 2014 Heritage that I have sitting on my desk waiting to be ripped and blogged about.  I suppose I shouldn't keep you in suspense any longer...let's get ripping!

The first Wal*Mart blaster didn't feature much of note - let's hope this one ends up being better!

Pack 1:
81.  Jed Lowrie
125.  Nate Schierholtz
132.  2013 World Series - Game 1 (Cardinals lose!)
152.  Todd Frazier

176.  J.B. Shuck
240.  Jarred Cosart
302.  Adam Eaton
342.  Matt Carpenter
NF-JN.  News Flashback:  Joe Namath

Namath inked a $400,000+ contract back on January 2, 1965.  That's not a bad haul, especially for the time period!

The insert is alright (and the Frazier base card is nice) but this pack also featured three duplicates (Carpenter, Eaton, and Schierholtz).

Pack 2:
4.  NL Home Run Leaders
107.  Ethan Martin & Cameron Rupp
137.  Anthony Gose
230.  Lance Lynn
287.  Juan Uribe
298.  Corey Hart
366.  A.J. Griffin
385.  Nate McLouth
NAP-BH.  New Age Performers:  Bryce Harper

I'm not a huge fan of Harper but I will admit that the New Age Performer card is quite nice.  I like the wavy design on the left - it goes nicely with the pennant theme of the base set!  What I don't like is that this pack had another four duplicates (the HR leaders, Lynn, Gose, and the Martin/Rupp card).  All four of those (plus any other duplicates) are available for trade.  I'll try to get a full "for trade" list up on the blog soon (which join the plethora of other "for trade pages" that I keep on the blog).


Stubby said...

Just to save you some confusion down the road, the Gose card is actually #138. The real #137 is a World Series card. The Gose is an uncorrected error, as near as I can tell...and not one of the ones they did on purpose.

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