Sunday, April 06, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!

A big happy birthday to mom today!  What better way* to celebrate your mom's birthday than by opening more 2014 Topps Heritage packs?

*trust me, almost anything else is a better thing to do when your mom wants nothing to do with baseball...but she doesn't read my blog so it's ok to pretend.

Here are the next two packs out of the blaster I bought to soothe my sadness when the Reds lost on Opening Day.

Pack 3:
40.  Carl Crawford
45.  Brett Wallace
184.  Kole Calhoun
308.  Travis D'Arnaud & Wilmer Flores
321.  Jason Castro
359.  Huston Street
375.  Yasmani Grandal
377.  Kevin Gausman
NF-TSOM.  News Flashback:  The Sound of Music

I've had the opportunity to see the actual gazebo where The Sound of Music was filmed...but I haven't ever sat through the entire movie!  As for the rest of the pack, I needed every single card for my set so I'm happy.

Pack 4:
47.  Rex Brothers
127.  Matt Adams
175.  Dayan Viciedo

183.  Robbie Grossman
268.  Christian Yelich
320.  Shelby Miller
356.  Victor Martinez
408.  Didi Gregorius
477.  Robinson Cano

Woo - a pesky short print is now mine!  Cano as a Mariners sure seems weird...but so did Ichiro as a Yankee so who knows.  As for the pack, I needed the short print (no surprise there) but I also needed all the others (except for Viciedo which is available for trade).


Ana Lu said...

I'll buy as much as Heritage packs I can just to get that The Sound of Music card! That or I'll just order the card on eBay..

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