Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pulling Hits Never Gets Old, Right?

The 2003 Fleer Box Score box contains 18 packs with the overall odds of a memorabilia card falling 1:9 packs.  Since I now have opened up 10 packs, if the stated odds hold true I should find two hits within the final 8 packs (plus the one relic that I already found in the supplemental box).  I actually didn't look into what players have relic cards in the set - I prefer to be surprised I guess.  I am fairly certain there is no Barry Larkin relic though.

Pack 11:
12.  Sammy Sosa
68.  Cristian Guzman
71.  Ichiro

85.  Omar Vizquel
94.  Mike Lowell
95.  Jason Jennings
100.  Roy Halladay

Pack 12:
7.  Josh Beckett
21.  Matt Morris
33.  Mike Sweeney
68.  Cristian Guzman
71.  Ichiro
First Edition parallel:  58.  Mo Vaughn #144/150

Press Clippings relic:  RA-PC.  Roberto Alomar

The Press Clippings relics are seeded 1:15 packs (and are by far the most common relics in the box).  The Mo Vaughn First Edition parallel as a nice surprise in that it was my second such numbered parallel in the box.  The downside is I ended up with a bunch more duplicates (including two within the two packs in this post)!


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