Monday, April 14, 2014

The Card Chop Slices Through my Summer Resolutions!

Today was the final Monday of the semester for me...which means summer break is just around the corner.  I've already compiled a list of my Summer Resolutions so you can see that I'm probably going to be quite busy!  Although that blog post was only posted less than a week ago, I've already started to make progress on a few different goals.

For starters, I have done a bit of work on my barbecue cart that I'm building.  It's not much (basically I've rough cut the lumber for the four legs and cut the tapers for two of the legs).  However, I have to start somewhere so it's nice to have a tiny bit done before summer officially starts.

In terms of getting in shape, my wife and I actually went for a run/walk together (along with our dog) this weekend.  We have our first truly nice and warm day of the year - and so we went for a run (something we hadn't done together in about a decade)!!  It was fun - and while I was a bit sore the next day it's a baby step towards getting back into some sort of athletic shape.

All of that leads me to the final goal that I've managed to get a least a bit done on already...organize my baseball card collection.  I haven't done a lot of trading lately (almost none actually) because of the end-of-the-semester madness...but that hasn't completely stopped the flow of card packages to my house.  One such recent (out of the blue) package arrived last week courtesy of Steve over at The Card Chop.

Steve and I had completed a trade previously but the cards he sent me ended up lost in the mail (I ended up with a busted up and empty envelope thanks to the USPS).  Although I recognize that things like that will happen (one of the many risks of the PWE), I didn't hold it against Steve.  Heck, I've been on the sending side of things like that too - it's one of the risks of mailing stuff I guess.  Anyhow, Steve took it upon himself to right the post office's wrong anyhow and recently sent me a new package (that happily arrived rip and tear free)!

Inside, I was greeted with a few different goodies including a couple of Reds' base cards from this year's Topps Heritage set.

In my two blasters and four rack packs I had failed to land either of the two cards so both were much, much appreciated!

However, perhaps even more appreciated was this short print of Jose Fernandez!

I still am on the fence about whether or not I'm going to go full out trying to collect Heritage this year - but every short print that I can acquire (for now anyhow) makes me super happy!  I do think the all-star rookie trophy looks sort of ridiculous on this card's much too large for such a close-up shot.

Finally, as if those three cards weren't enough, Steve also sent me a few assorted Reds - including two Allen & Ginter's minis...

...and my first 2014 Topps Opening Day card!

Thanks a bunch for the cards Steve - you certainly didn't have to do that but it is much appreciated!  As for anyone else, should you want to trade check out my want list and make an is (almost) out and that means trading will be back in full force!


The Chop Keeper said...

I'm glad to hear that they arrived in one piece! Restores my *faith* in the USPS!

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