Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Great Reorganization: Step 4: Cataloging Larkins & Sorting Stacks on Stacks of Cards!

I last updated my plan to completely overhaul my collection back on March 27.  Since I'm using my blog as a virtual diary of sorts in terms of my organizational gains, I thought it would be a good idea to post what I am up to currently.

First, the table that I'm using to sort cards by year is quickly becoming overwhelmed with cards.  It turns out that I have hundreds (if not thousands) of cards from certain years...I've already filled up a few extra empty Allen & Ginter's boxes with cards from a specific year.  The rest the cards are stacked in precarious piles still...

I don't know that I've gotten much further since the last update on the year-by-year sorting front.  Luckily, my semester ends tomorrow (besides the finals that I have to write, proctor, and then grade next week).  That means there will be plenty of time in the near future for a sorting party!

Unfortunately, I'm still nowhere near done with even the initial sorting phase.  After all, my one baseball card cupboard still looks like this:

Yeah, those are all unsorted stacks...and there's more behind what you can see!  You can also probably make out a full A&G box of 2009 cards down at the bottom of the shelf...that's one of a few boxes that I've filled with a single year's worth of cards (and there's another stack started on the table for 2009)!

While the sorting has slowed down (though not completely stopped luckily), I have made some solid progress on my Barry Larkin Collection.  Obviously if you visit my blog regularly you probably know that I've been quite busy posting various cards online.  However, my collection extends well beyond what is currently highlighted on my blog...  In fact, I still have all these Barry Larkin cards (1998-Present) to sort:

I also have another stack of cards from 1986 - 1997 to sort (not pictured), though many of those are now duplicates.

How long will the total reorganization take?  Heck, is it even possible to truly organize a baseball card collection?  I'm not sure of either answer...but you can bet that I'll continue to keep you all informed of my progress (or lack thereof) as the summer goes on!


P-town Tom said...

Holy Cow. That is a whole mess of cards! Good luck!

Swing And A Pop-up said...

I've been trying to orgainze for decades. Good luck.

The Angels In Order said...


Fuji said...

Thanks. It feels good to know that I'm not alone. I have reorganized my collection a few times since I jumped back into the hobby in 2008. And when I was a kid... I reorganized all the time. It was one of the best parts of collecting It's not the worst thing in the world, but I don't think it's as fun as when I was younger.

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