Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two More 2003 Fleer Box Score Packs (My First Short Print)

Usually I try to only have one post per day where I open up packs out of a box...but it's my first day of unofficial summer vacation and I couldn't help but rip another pair of packs!  I'll try to spread out the rest of the pack opening a bit more so that you don't get bored reading along!

Pack 3:
6.  Tim Hudson
12.  Sammy Sosa
29.  Greg Maddux
34.  Jason Kendall

I love this shot - even if it sort of appears to have been shot during spring training.
61.  Pedro Martinez
67.  Roy Oswalt
85.  Omar Vizquel

I know some of you like cards of players bunting...this one's for you then!

Pack 4:
8.  Adam Dunn

My first Red in the box.
16. Jim Thome
32.  Chipper Jones
47.  Tony Batista
72.  Jose Vidro
99.  Bobby Higginson
113.  Clint Barmes

This is one of 15 rookie short prints (seeded 1:6 packs).  Unfortunately, at that insertion rate I'll be missing a bunch of the rookies when the full box is busted.  Nothing overly special about the card itself besides the gold bit at the top (as opposed to the usual gray for the regular base cards).


Mark Hoyle said...

If the Pedro and Nomar from the earlier packs are up for grabs. I can send along some more Reds.

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