Monday, May 19, 2014

1999 Pacific Private Stock: Getting Started with a 2:25 Packs Insert!

Happy Monday everyone!  Yesterday, I spent my Sunday ripping open my 1999 Pacific Private Stock box - today I get to really get rolling with the pack rips.

Pack 3:
22.  Moises Alou
50.  Jaret Wright
55.  Rod Beck
136.  David Segui
Home Run Heroes:  14.  Sammy Sosa HR #65

I was never a big fan of Sammy Sosa's (even before the PEDs and the corked bat) but even I can admit that this is an awesome card!  According to the back of the card, Sammy's 65th home run in 1998 was his second home run in two innings (and it put him in a temporary tie with Mark McGwire).  Unfortunately for Slammin' Sammy, he'd only hit one more the rest of the year.  Too bad.

PS-206.  79.  Eric Davis

Davis is an Oriole in this card but that's ok - he's still one of my PC guys that I'm planning to collect (no matter which team he's featured as playing for).

I should note that the Home Run Heroes cards are seeded 2:25 packs which means you should get almost 2 per box...  Pacific was a bit wonky with their odds - why not just seed two per box and be done with it (aka 2:24 or 1:12 packs)?!  What's up with the 2:25 stuff?  Maybe Pacific was trying to help Americans learn math.

Pack 4:
1.  Jeff Bagwell

Another cool shot - look at that bat split!
10.  Travis Lee
66.  Ken Caminiti
69.  Vinny Castilla
130.  Aramis Ramirez
PS-206.  54.  Tony Batista

Here's what the back of the PS-206 inserts look like.  Nothing much except the logo of the set.

So far, so good!  It's weird that this product is chock full of crazy inserts (by Pacific's standards the Home Run Heroes cards are incredibly subdued).  That said, I think the base set speaks for itself - and it certainly would make for a nice complete set...we shall see how close I end up to a full set when all is said and done!


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