Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 275: 1992 Fleer - #704 - Super Star Specials

Barry Larkin & Kirby Puckett
Year:  1992
Brand:  Fleer
Subset:  Super Star Specials
Card number:  704

The 1992 Fleer set won't go down in history as my favorite set but I have to admit that I like this card quite a bit!  In fact, I think I like the Super Star Specials subset card better than Larkin's regular base card from the set.

The front of the card features a nice close-up of both Larkin adn Puckett (presumably taken at an All-Star game).  The back of the card contains nothing but a huge block of text extolling the virtues of power and speed for a baseball player.  It's a simple card, but it's well done - and back in 1992 getting a card featuring two different stars on it was still a somewhat special occurrence!


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