Sunday, May 04, 2014

Delivery Time! "I Found this Larkin at a Card Show for You" (Blogger Appreciation!)

Today is a good day.

First, it's graduation day at the college where I teach.  That means there is one more event that I have to wear my cap and robe for...and then I'll be done with most of my work-related duties until August.  That's an awesome feeling for sure!  I didn't have all that many seniors in my classes this year so graduation probably won't be as poignant for me as some year though, woah, a TON of students that I'm close to!

Today is a good day for a second reason though, and this one is much more appropriate for this blog - and that's because I recently (editor's note:  about a month ago) received a PWE in the mail from T.J. over at The Junior Junkie.  TJ included a single card with a note that read "Found this sweet numbered Larkin for you at a card show."

You don't get any better than that!

T.J. runs a great blog - and he's a great trader as well (we've exchanged a total of 14 envelopes according to my records)!  However, T.J. is also a generous dude as evidenced by his purchase of a Barry Larkin card for me out of the blue!

Since I keep gushing about the card, let's take a look!
Sweet camo!
Yeah, that's pretty sweet.  It's actually numbered on the back (which makes it even sweeter) but you'll have to wait until I add it to my online Barry Larkin Collection series of posts to see the reverse side (you won't have to wait long though as I plan to post this card tonight in its full glory)!

Many, many thanks TJ - and I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I run across any interesting Griffey Jr. cards!


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