Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Box Break on Nachos Grande!

As the post title suggests, I've decided that I've been patient enough - it's time to crack open the final box of cards that I got this past Christmas.  

The box to be opened?

Well, I have professed my love for Pacific many times on this blog - so it is probably no surprise that I found a box of Pacific to bust!  If you can't tell from the photo, this is a box of 1999 Pacific Private Stock.  

The Private Stock set was the first set (to my knowledge) to prominently feature tobacco-sized mini cards in packs.  In fact, you get one such mini card per pack (with parallels seeded 1:25 packs - or slightly worse than one-per-box since each box only contains 24 packs).  

As for the box, each of the 24 packs contains 6 cards.  The set is 150 cards in size and there are four different serial-numbered sets (plus the minis and Home Run History insert cards).  This is not a set for autograph or relic hounds as there are none - it is, however, a nice looking set (as you'll see when I start busting the packs)!

I plan to kick off the pack busting party later tonight on the blog - and then it will continue for a few days because I like to drag things out!


petethan said...

Should be fun. Looking forward to it.

Mark Hoyle said...

Let the fun begin


I loved Pacific baseball. I wish they would bring it back !

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