Thursday, June 12, 2014

Digging Into the Box XI: A Case of Pack Rip Fever!

It's time to dip back into the second (of four) giant boxes from my brother.  I decided to keep the numbering of the posts going despite this being now the second box that I'm actually dipping into!

For today, I had a case of pack-rip fever that could only be cured by me ripping packs.  Luckily, there were a few unopened packs in the box - and while a few will be going out as a prize to John Hazen (provided he provides me his mailing address soon), other packs get to be opened up by me!

For today, I decided to rip the pair of 1990 Score packs and have a little Pack War between the two.  Let's see who reigns supreme!  For consistency, I'll always put pack #1's card first followed by pack #2's representative.

Greg Gagne vs. Cal Ripken Jr.

Well, pack 2 isn't messing around is it?!  There aren't many cards in the entire set that would beat out Mr. Ripken Jr.  0-1.

Tom Brookens vs.  Walt Weiss

I didn't scan it but the Weiss card features a pretty cool jumping shot of Weiss turning a potential double play.  Another point for pack #2.  0-2.

Chris Bosio vs Jeff Treadway

A Brewer versus a Brave - neither player interests me all that much so I'll go with the better photo (which is Treadway).  Pack #2 is beginning to run away with this one...  0-3.

Rob Dibble vs. George Bell

What's the best way to get a point in pack wars (if I'm hosting at least)?  Easy, produce Cincinnati Reds players.  Pack 1 did just that and they are now on the board.  1-3.

Note:  Each pack had a MVP insert card but I won't count those for the scoring of the Pack War since both are pretty dull (one was Hank Greenberg and the other was Willie McCovey).

Rickey Henderson vs. Rich Yett

That Henderson card is a highlight card celebrating Rickey's dominance in the 1989 ALCS against the Blue Jays.  It's actually a pretty awesome looking card that I had never seen before!  And with that, pack #1 is back in this thing.  2-3.

Dan Quisenberry vs. Frank Thomas

Pack 2 wins this one easily but they probably wasted a Frank Thomas rookie card - after all, almost anything can beat out a Cardinal's player!  2-4.

Editor's note:  I didn't notice the back of the card until I went to scan the front...what a great card (and so much cooler than the much more famous 1990 Topps Frank Thomas card)!

Harold Baines vs. Jay Tibbs

Neither card is great but I'll give the nod to Pack 1 and the Harold Baines card.  3-4.

Jose Uribe vs. Gary Pettis

Once again, a dud pairing (that happens a lot with 1990 Score)...and so I'll pick based on the photograph which means Uribe eeks out a victory here.  The good news is that Pack 1 has stormed all the way back from their early deficit to tie it at 4 points a piece.  4-4.

Danny Heep vs. Howard Johnson

You have to go with HoJo right?  4-5 with Pack 2 back out in front.

Terry Francona vs. Mike LaValliere

I guess Francona is the one who made more out of his career in this pairing.  Tied back up at 5 each.

Rance Mulliniks vs. Mike Fitzgerald

I'm thinking Rance's parents must have hated him...what kind of name is Rance Mulliniks anyhow?  Poor guy.  Just for that, I'll give him the point.  6-5 with Pack 1 in the lead for the first time in the Pack War!

Joel Youngblood vs. Mickey Hatcher

Hatcher did play for the Reds but Youngblood is featured as a Red on his card.  Pack 1 takes a two point lead.  7-5.

Garry Templton vs. Frank Williams

I never understood why Garry's name had two r's in it.  While Rance won based on having a unique name, I can't award the point to Garry since his name is simply begging for people to spell it wrong.  Hey, my pack war, my rules.  7-6.

Duane Ward vs. Jerald Clark

The Clark card features Clark digging in trying to (presumably) steal a base.  That's a photo that you don't see a lot of - and I appreciate that.  7-7 with only two cards remaining in each pack!

Rich Monteleone vs. Mark Portugal

This one's easy:  Portugal wins!  7-8.

Randy McCament vs. Roy Smith

Ugh.  Normally I'd give the point to the rookie card...but did McCament ever do anything in the big leagues?  I don't know for sure (and research is overrated) so I'll assume not and award the point to the Twin Roy Smith.

And with that, Pack 2 takes this one despite Pack 1 producing the only two Reds of the Pack War.  It's hard to beat a Frank Thomas rookie and a Cal Ripken base card I guess!


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