Saturday, June 07, 2014

Guess the Number of Cards Contest: Winner Announced!!

It's time to announce the contest winners from my "guess how many total cards in the packs" contest that I held earlier this week.  Before I announce the winner, let's review the packs:

Here are the packs in the image:

2x 1989 Fleer - 15 card each
1x 2010 Upper Deck - 18 cards
2x 1990 Donruss - 16 cards each
1x 1989 Donruss - 15 cards
2x 1990 Score - 16 cards each
1x 1987 Topps rack pack - 49 cards
1x 1990 Upper Deck - 15 cards
6x 1992 Score - 16 cards each

Add up all the cards and you end up with a final total of 287 cards!

That means our final results look like this (in order of lowest to highest guesses):
dgao:   150
hiflew:  180
The Gooch:  207
The Lost Collector:   210
defgav:  216
Alex Markle:   222
Praline:  223
Wilson:  225
Need More Cardboard:   228
Mark Hoyle: 233
Matthew Huha:   235
Hackenbush:  236
The Junior Junkie: 239
CaptKirk42:   248
Reds Card Collector:   248
Jeffrey Guinn: 257
Keith G:   259
John Hazen:  275
Kirk Jacobson:   299

Congratulations to John Hazen who guessed the closest to the actual answer (without going over)!  I have a feeling that the majority of the guesses trended too low because people didn't realize that the Topps was a rack pack rather than a "regular" pack.  However, the clear packaging was a bit of a giveaway in terms of recognizing the rack pack.

John, send me an email with your mailing address so that I can get your prize package out to you!  Thanks for playing along everyone - and while some of the packs will be going out to John as a prize, others will be opened here on my blog - so stay tuned!


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