Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Digging into the Box XIII: Giving Bowman a Chance!

I'm almost* done sorting through the second (of four) gigantic boxes of cards from my younger brother.

*here almost is being defined as about halfway.

In the second box, there was a pretty big stack of 2012 Bowman cards that I initially ignored while sorting sets that I cared more about (such as 2014 Heritage which I haven't yet shown on the blog).  However, I decided that I ought to take a gander at the Bowman - after all, I didn't actually buy them so I can't feel ripped off!

Imagine my surprise then when I found out that I don't hate the 2012 Bowman set.

In fact, I was confused - the cards I got from my brother were all of players that I actually know.  You know, guys like Derek Jeter and James Shields just to quickly name a couple that I see sitting on my desk currently.

Could this stack possibly make me rethink my hatred of Bowman?  Let's find out by taking a look at few of the more notable cards in the stack.

This a nice looking card of Troy Tulowitzki.  Of course, you might not know who it is based on the terrible foil job used for the player name.  (Actually it's not too hard to read in person but the scan is atrocious)

Let's try another card and see if it helps Bowman's cause.

At first glance, I though this card was awesome.  A great shot of a spring training facility (or maybe that's the Marlins ball park since no one visits it anyhow, who can be sure)...  Unfortunately, on closer inspection the image seems a bit fishy (pun intended).  The shadow doesn't quite look right to me - is this a staged photo and/or a PhotoShopped photo?  I don't know - but doubt never helps when trying to impress.

Of the Reds in the stack, I was disappointed. Not by the names exactly, but rather by the images.

The best of the lot was probably this Jay Bruce card (which will go in my Bruce collection) but I can't find much else good to say about it.  Heck, even the photo quality seems low here - very grainy.

In the end, while this Bowman set is much nicer than most, I still don't care much for the Bowman brand.  I don't think I'll be collecting this set - so other than a few cards which will go in my personal collection, the others will be trade bait!

Despite my lack of a changed mind, there was one card in the stack for which I have zero complaints:

That's an awesome piece of cardboard - even if it is Bowman!

Thanks for the cards brother - and good try trying to get me to like Bowman.  For a moment I though it might actually happen!


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