Saturday, July 26, 2014

2014 Allen & Ginter's Box #2: My First Box Hit, A Poison Frog, and Two Black Bordered Minis...

If my experience with my first hobby box of 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's is any indication, you can find one hit somewhere within each of the three columns of packs in the box.  For this morning's post, I am going to finish off the final four packs in the rightmost stack of packs - which means I ought to also find our first hit of the box!

Once again, instead of listing every single card I'll only be discussing what I deem to be the highlights of each pack.  You'll get one more box of card-by-card breakdown from me when I open my Gint-a-Cuffs box.

Pack 5:

I predicted it correctly in that we would get a hit today!  This is a game-used relic of Troy Tulowitzki and it's actually pretty darn nice looking if you ask me!  Pack 5 was also loaded with a second great card - a black bordered mini of Jackie Robinson.

I'm not a Dodgers collector at all but I might be keeping this one (even if it is slightly miscut).

Pack 6:

Pack 6 had nothing scan worthy since the insert was yet another Door to Hell Natural Wonder card (I already pulled one of those in my previous box of Ginter).  The mini was regular backed mini of a racecar drive which is also about as boring as it gets.

Pack 7:

I believe you get one World's Deadliest Predators mini in each hobby box.  If so, this box's one such nasty little critter is the Poison Dart Frog.  The Poison Dart Frog can secrete enough toxins to kill up to 20,000 mice.  I'm not sure why a frog would ever need to mass exterminate a population of mice but this guy can should nature call for such extreme actions.

Pack 8:

Wily Peralta is a black bordered short print (seeded 1:130 packs) which makes that a great pull.

I would say that this group of packs was a massive success (even with the dud pack #6).  Stay tuned to my blog for even more Ginter in the upcoming days (and maybe even hours)!


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