Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's Jumbo Pack #4: Nolan Ryan and the Cornish Rex

I've had pretty good luck with my Jumbo packs so far (one autograph, one Urban Fauna mini).  Will the good luck continue with Jumbo pack #4?

Here's the top half:
25.  Joe DiMaggio
35.  Brooks Robinson
52.  Kevin Smith
91.  Clay Buchholz
108.  Nolan Ryan

139.  Jacoby Ellsbury
188.  Jordan Oliver

Probably the most boring top half of a jumbo pack yet.  Quite frankly, only the Nolan Ryan card interests me - and that could have been improved by Topps putting Ryan in an Astros' jersey instead!

The bottom half:
182.  Starling Marte
220.  Josh Hamilton
259.  Jim Calhoun
Pastimes' Pastimes:  Justin Upton
Festivals & Fairs:  San Fermin Festival

Reg. mini:  62.  Diana Nyad
Little Lions:  05.  Cornish Rex

I'm a dog person so I much preferred Ginter's "Man's Best Friend" insert set from last year but I can admit that the Little Lions set is still its a great name for an insert set!  I also have been enjoying the Fairs & Festivals cards - people who participate in the running of the bulls are nuts!


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

they should do a Little Liars set next year!!

JediJeff said...

I can see, with the dogs last year, why we are getting kitties this year. I am not a cat person, but I'll probably try and build the set.

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