Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Pack Wars III: The Conclusion!

Yesterday, I posted the top half of a pair of Christmas rack packs in part one of the two part Pack Wars III.  At the moment, the 2012 Update pack leads the 2012 Series 2 pack by a score of 12 to 10.  As in the first post in the series, I will list the Series 2 card first and then the Update card.  1 point per card pairing plus additional bonus points at my discretion.

Let's finish the pack war and see which series of Topps reigns supreme!

Brandon Phillips vs. J.P. Howell

In the top half of the pack, Update began with a Red.  Series 2 must have learned something as they begin with the Reds' second baseman here.  Easy point for Series 2.  S2 - 11, Update - 12

Nick Markakis vs. Henry Rodriguez

I know nothing about Henry Rodriguez besides the fact that he's pictured as a National.  No one cares about the Nationals.  S2 - 12, Update - 12

Howie Kendrick vs. Jonathan Broxton

Broxton is pictured here as a Royal but he's currently an anchor of the Reds' bullpen.  This point goes to the Update pack (though the Kendrick card is quite nice too).  S2 - 12, Update - 13.

Ryan Dempster vs. Esmil Rogers

Dempster is one of those players that I'll never like because he was terrible as a Red and (seemingly) great for every other team he pitched for.  Rogers gets the point.  S2 - 12, Update - 14.

Chris Heisey vs. Tyler Chatwood

Series 2 is bringing the Reds!  I'm giving a bonus point for this one since that's two Reds in a single half of a pack...something that seemingly never happens for me!  S2 - 14, Update - 14.

Jonathan Herrera vs. Roy Oswalt

I wasn't sad to see Oswalt bolt from the National League Central...but I can admit that he was a pretty darn good pitcher for the Astros for a long time.  S2 - 14, Update - 15

Luis Marte vs. Omar Infante

The Marte is a rookie card but it's darn boring.  Sorry Marte, Infante wins.  S2 - 14, Update - 16

Jose Contreras vs. Jonathan Sanchez

The bottom of both packs haven't exactly brought a stellar arrangement of players, have they?  Most of these match-ups seem to be coin tosses.  This time Series 2 called heads correctly I guess.  S2 - 15, Update - 16

Fautino De Los Santos vs. Geovany Soto

I know nothing about De Los Santos except that he's an Athletic...and no one seems to EVER want Athletics cards.  Point to Soto.  S2 - 16, Update - 17.

Alex Rodriguez vs. Johan Santana

The A-rod is a Gold Standard card (seeded 1:2 packs) while the Santana is a gold parallel (#ed 1449/2012) and is seeded 1:2 packs as well.  Since both cards are seeded at the same rarity (coupled with the fact that I loathe A-Rod), this one goes to Johan.  S2 - 16, Update - 18.

Jacob Turner vs. Brett Myers

The Turner is a Gold Futures insert (seeded 1:2 packs) while the Myers is a boring 'ol base card.  Point to Series 2.  S2 - 17, Update - 18.

The Update Series pack had a white piece of cardboard with an anti-theft sticker on it.  The Series 2 pack had this little ad for the Topps Bunt app (an app that I just happened to download for the first time last week).

I think the popcorn guy (peanuts guy?) is worth a bonus point for Series 2!  S2 - 18, Update - 18.

Jeff Locke vs. Elian Herrera

The Pirates put Series 2 back on top.  S2 - 19, Update - 18.

Thomas Field vs. Chris Resop

And just like that, the Pirates help Update catch up.  I'm also not a fan of the Field card - why the blurry arm in the foreground.  Not cool.  S2 - 19, Update - 19.

Ryan Kalish vs. Ramon Ramirez

I'm a sucker for plays at the wall - even those where it's incredibly obvious that the player in question had no chance at making a play on the ball!  S2 - 20, Update - 19.

Rickie Weeks vs.Yoenis Cespedes

The Weeks card is quite nice but it takes more than that to defeat a Cespedes rookie card!  S2 - 20, Update - 20.

Aaron Hill vs. Pablo Sandoval

It looks like Update is making yet another comeback!  S2 - 20, Update - 21

Brian Roberts vs. Yadier Molina

This one's easy - any Reds fan worth his or her salt would vote against Yadi against just about anyone (or anything).  That means with one card left we are tied at 21 points each.   S2 - 21, Update - 21

Which pack will reign supreme?  It comes down to the final card in the bottom portion of both packs...

Jason Giambi vs. Andruw McCutcheon

Woah, Update brought out a big gun to Series 2's knife fight.  McCutcheon runs circles around Giambi - and with that Update wins Pack Wars III by a final score of 22 to 21!

I hope you all enjoyed the romp through my final two Christmas packs...  Now I need to start saving my pennies for Ginter!


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