Saturday, November 15, 2014

Delivery Time! Postage Due but That's OK!

The other day I received a package in the mail from Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank.  I think Matt needs to have a little chat with his post office (my envelope arrived postage due as did a few others that Matt recently sent out) but despite me having to drop 36 cents in the 'ol mailbox, I'd say this was still one heckuva deal for me!

First of all, the package was a total surprise which is always fun!  Second, the package was chock full of Reds' goodness.  Five cards total - all of which were new to me!

Let's begin with the autographs - Matt sent two my way including a Topps Chrome rookie autograph of Chris Heisey.

For all I know, Heisey seems to be a stand up guy.  Unfortunately, he also seems to be totally incapable of being a solid major league starter.  He is pretty amazing as a bat off the bench, but being relegated to bench status at his young age is definitely unfortunate.

The second autograph in the package was a "Special Endorsements" autograph of Chris Denorfia.

This is some sort of super shiny Upper Deck card from 2006.  I have no idea what set it's from (this was before Upper Deck listed the set on the back of the card).  Despite my general lack of card knowledge, I have to admit that I like this card quite a bit - I think it looks quite sharp with the signature and the general shininess of the card!

Speaking of shiny, Matt also sent me a sepia refractor of Johnny Cueto which is numbered 47/75!

You can't beat a nice shiny, serially numbered Topps Chrome card.  You just can't.  This thing is pure beauty...and it's even of one of the Reds' best players (at least Cueto is still a Red as of the time I wrote the much trade speculation)!

The second serially numbered card from Matt is (I believe) the lowest serially numbered Reds' card that I own.  This is a Reggie Jefferson 2013 Memrories Buy Back numbered 3/5.

While I definitely feel like this is a "cheating" way to create rare cards (buy back old junk wax and add a gold stamped number to it), it's still kind of charming in its own sort of way.

Finally, we end with a relic card - and not just any relic but a relic of the Reds' All-Star second baseman:  Brandon Phillips.

Even better, the card is from the 2009 Upper Deck Goudey set - a set that I just so happen to still be trying to complete!  What a great time to remind anyone reading this that if you have any cards I need, be sure to send me an email and hopefully we can work something out!

Many, many thanks for the great surprise package Matt!  It definitely made my day!


Matthew Scott said...

Sorry about that. Your package was in the same mailing as Gavin who also got shorted just about the same amount. I have a scale I used at my work to measure out postage, but it seemed to come up short for a few.

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