Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Group Break: Time for the Stadium Club Box! (Mini Box #3) - TWO Rare Hits Inside!!

It's finally time to get to the final mini box in the 2014 Stadium Club box for our current group break.  This mini box was actually the first box that I opened (as you'll see when I post the videos) but I like to save the "best" for last in terms of the blog!

Before I show the results of the box, let me first wish my youngest brother a Happy Birthday today!

And now, let's take a look at what we got!

As usual, I'll begin with a few of the base cards that caught my eye.  I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again, the real draw of this year's Stadium Club set is the wonderful base cards!

This time around, we begin with a nice dugout shot of Bryce Harper.  The Stadium Club set has a few different dugout shots but I think the Harper might be my favorite from what I've seen so far!

Next up, a nice black and white Hank Aaron.  I think it's the scoreboard in the background that makes this shot work for me - and I'm sure someone out there can do the proper sleuthing in order to figure out exactly which game this photo was taken at!

The third base card that caught my eye was the Jose Bautista simply because he's in full on golf gear.  I had to check the card twice to make sure it was some sort of golf player hiding in my Stadium Club pack!  I wouldn't want a lot of images like this in the set but one or two are perfect for some variety!

The fourth card is the Matt Cain (along with his other pitching buddies).  I featured this card in the first group break I did involving Stadium Club but I still like the card!

The final two cards are both vertical cards (generally the horizontal cards seem to be the best in the set).  I love the Bo Jackson for its simplicity - and for all that baby blue in the photo!  The Polanco is a great rookie card, could that be Gregory's first time going onto a big league field in a game?  Probably not, but the photo suggests it could be which is pretty cool!

All told, we did well with the base cards - both in this particular mini box and for the entire hobby box!

Now, how about the inserts?

We ended up with two parallels in this box.  The first being a rainbow parallel of Adrian Beltre for the Rangers.

Congrats to Play at the Plate for that one, hopefully it is one you still need!  It's a nice image too!

The second parallel is a gold parallel of Andrew McCutchen which I have to assume will make Matthew happy!

I don't think McCutchen got the best image of the set - or even one in the top half...but it's still a nice card - and the gold parallels look really good with the Pirates color scheme!  This is the second McCutchen parallel from the hobby box - and we also pulled his base card which means Matthew gets 3 versions of this card from the break (hope you like McCutchen Matt)!

The third mini box was a bit light on inserts, but we still did pretty well.

The first insert was this nice Clayton Kershaw Field Access card.

It should surprise no one that I pulled a Kershaw insert.  I seem to pull more Kershaw cards that just about any other player these days!  Congrats to Josh on this one as he claimed LA (both LAs actually).

The final insert will most likely make Mark H. a happy man.

It's a Luminescent Triumvirate card of Xander Bogaerts of the Boston Red Sox.  The Luminescent cards are seeded 1:12 mini boxes or 1:4 hobby boxes.  This means you only get 3 per case which puts this card in "pretty rare" status if you ask me!

Believe it or not, that wasn't our rarest card in the box!

Yeah, that's a gold parallel autograph for the Arizona Diamondbacks (and Jaybarkerfan who claimed the D-backs).  The card is serially numbered 17/25 on the front AND it features Chase's autograph (on card) and he even inscribed his jersey number!  The gold autographs fall 1:30 mini boxes or 1:10 hobby boxes which is slightly more than 1 per case (on average, each case will only have 1 gold parallel autograph).

A huge congrats to Jaybarkerfan, and everyone else who scored some great cards, in this particular mini box.  Overall, I would have to say this box of Stadium Club was better than either of the two boxes I opened in my first group break involving the set.  We had a nice mix of players and teams plus we scored a number of somewhat rare hits!

Next up on the opening agenda?

Those two boxes of Topps High TEK that we have all been waiting for (me included)!  Stay tuned!


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