Thursday, January 22, 2015

More 1889 Original Allen & Ginter Cards for my Collection!

Back in mid-December, I stumbled across an eBay seller who had a bunch of the 1889 Allen & Ginter Fish from American Waters cards listed.  As you may recall, I've been slowly working on completing my own set of this was a great opportunity to add to my collection!

Unfortunately, most of the cards went for more money that I was willing to spend...and truth be told, I spent more on most of these six cards than I had on any of the other 27 original Allen & Ginter fish cards that I had previously acquired.

That said, you do generally get what you pay for...and as you'll see, for cards made over 125 years ago these are in awfully good shape!  Even better, I was able to nab some of the "big name" fish from the seller.

One thing that I learned since starting my collecting odyssey of old Ginter stuff is that for sets of non-people subjects, the most widely known subjects often hold the highest value.

For the fish set, it means creatures like the Swordfish, Lobster, and Shark generally go for more than Moonfish, Porgy, or Carp.

Today's haul was much more heavily tilted towards the "popular fish" side of things...and so my collection get a huge boon!

At this point, I now own 33 out of the 50 fish from the set.  Quite honestly, I didn't think I'd ever complete the full set of cards seeing as how the set is so old...but here I am closing in on three-fourths of the set!

I can also report that I have a second haul of fish to show off in a future post which will get me even closer to my final goal of a complete set from the 1800s!!


cynicalbuddha said...

Nice those cards look great.

Kevin Papoy said...

I absolutely love those !

Section 36 said...

What a great set to try and finish! Good luck.

Adam Kaningher said...

This blows modern A&G out of the water.

No pun intended.

View From the Skybox said...

I have a serious case of icthyophobia, but even I can appreciate the beauty here. Modern A&G goes overboard making the insert cards look old with Photoshop halftone effects. If they took a second to see the clarity and detail that went into the original inspirations, maybe they'd quit blurring up the cards.

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