Friday, January 09, 2015

Munnatawket Custom Minis: A Full Look at the High Series (Plus Contest Results)!

A few days ago, I posted a contest on my blog designed to highlight the release of more custom minis from my buddy Ryan's tribute to 2008 Allen & Ginter.  In that contest, I provided a bunch of written clues (plus an image clue) and asked readers to make their guesses as to the subjects of the twelve new cards in the set (card #79 - 90).

The winner gets the full high series let's get right to it!

To begin, here is a much better look at the twelve newest cards to join the custom mini set.

79.  James Shields
80.  George Springer
81.  Angel Pagan
82.  Mark Teixeira

83.  Felix Hernandez
84.  Andrew McCutchen
85.  Phil Mickelson
86.  Jimmy Rollins

87.  Jose Reyes
88.  Jose Abreu
89.  Steve Carlton
90.  Michael Morse

For the contest, we had three people submit guesses - so here are the results (the number represents the number of correct guesses):

Caitlin Jennings - 4
Nick - 9
apba66and0 - 11 (with the twelfth correctly mentioned as there were two possible Yankees that fit the clues)

A big congratulations to Steve who could easily be a detective of unsolved mysteries!  I wasn't sure how easy or hard my clues would be...and while I'm guessing most people found the clues too difficult to even bother (as evidenced by the relatively low turnout), Steve managed to crush the competition and earn himself the entire extended set (which should already be in the mail by the time this blog post goes live)!

I also need to give another shout out to Ryan who sent me some of his awesome mini cards (both for my own collection and to give out on the blog).  Who knows, maybe I'll get another batch of new cards from Ryan sometime soon and run another contest for everyone?!


Play at the Plate said...

Crap doody. I meant to go back and enter that. Congrats to Steve!

night owl said...

Even though I really like these, I didn't enter because I have no time for puzzles. Now I'm glad I didn't -- TWO Giants?

arpsmith said...

Two Giants!!! How cool and fitting for the 3 time champions over the past 5 years.

apba66and0 said...

Wow! That's awesome! Thanks for running the contest and to Ryan for donating the cards. What a fantastic set! I thought the contest was a good degree of difficulty - not impossible but hard enough to wrack my brain for a few hours. Thank you again!

roddster said...

Had to capture Mike Morse in a Giants uniform before he hit the road again. Been a fan of his since his days in DC with the Nationals. Was excited for him when he got that big RBI double in game seven of the World Series this year. Such a clutch hit.

Great contest Chris! Hope you enjoy the cards Steve!

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