Thursday, February 05, 2015

A 2015 Topps Update (Bad News), A Group Break Update (Good News), and a Contest (Great News)!

Today is a big day for many of us as the 2015 Topps Series 1 hits the streets all over the country.

Since my wife requested that I go to Wal*Mart to pick up some groceries, I figured I'd be able to sneak a few packs of 2015 Topps in my cart as well...this despite the fact that I have a full jumbo case arriving soon to open up for my group break (more on that in a second).

Anyhow, after picking up the necessary groceries, dog food, and other odds and ends needed at Wal*Mart, I swung by the card aisle figuring it was time to reward myself for putting up with the people of Wal*Mart...

What did my eyes see?  

A quick glance to the left...

...and to the right.


Not only are there no packs, blasters, etc. of 2015 Topps on the shelves...there wasn't a single pack/box/blaster/etc of any baseball product.

No Bowman, no Chrome, no Panini even.  Nothing.

No baseball repacks.


That's right.  Everyone and their brother has packs and packs available to them at their local big box store...and my store doesn't even have any 2014 baseball stuff.  Nada.  Zip.


That's the bad news - but there's good news for those in the group break.  According to my UPS tracking, the case is on a truck and should be delivered to my house by the end of today.  That means the group break will begin very, very soon (though I did already open a couple of packs of Topps Chipz to get things started).

Finally, I announced my first contest of 2015 on my blog this morning.  The first and second place finishes have been decided already - but it's the last place person that will actually make out with the most cards!!  Will it be you?  It's easy enough, all you have to do is comment!  Go here to read all about it!


Julie Owens said...

Still no Topps in the three Super-Targets nearest me. Cruel fate.

Mark Kaz said...

Wow, and I thought my Targets and WalMarts locally here in Delaware were lousy. At least I can still buy 2014 baseball rack packs for all three series if I wanted. But, hey, at least you've got your pick of any number of goblin trading cards...or whatever.

Metallattorney said...

My WalMart was like that too recently. I felt like buying something. Anything. And there was nothing.

RAZ said...

I am looking forward to the case break. I have so far resisted checking out the retail scene for 2015 Series 1.

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