Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 Heritage Group Break: Box #8 Breakdown! A Blue Auto and a Blue Back (1:462 packs!)

Mathematicians everywhere celebrate today because it's Pi Day (3/14) aka 3.14 aka the approximation of pi.  While that's probably too geeky even for a baseball card blog, we have another reason to celebrate today.  Yes, it's time for Box #8 breakdown which includes our first blue ink auto and our first blue back card.  So much blue!

Before we get to all the blue, we start with the box topper.

Yeah, there's a bit of blue there with the Twin's banner I guess.  Still, that seems like a big stretch in keeping with the theme of blue doesn't it?

We found the typical eight short prints in box #8.

In a fun twist, the Brewers were the big winners in the short print department pulling two of 'em in the box.  That gives the Brew crew four short prints in total if my count is correct.

In order to save myself a bit of time scanning, I didn't bother with the News Flashbacks (Lunar Orbiter 1 & NFL/AFL Merger), the Baseball Flashbacks (Brooks Robinson, Orioles and Luis Aparicio, Orioles).  I also didn't scan the Then & Now cards (Koufax/Wainwright (Dodgers/Cardinals) and Stargell/Altuve (Pirates/Astros)).  I would think by now everyone has seen enough of those cards to know what they look like.  We are almost assuredly going to end up with duplicates of the vast majority of the cards from those sets by the end of the break!

I will, however, scan the New Age Performers so that I can't be accused of being totally lazy!

Now, to the rarer stuff.  We had a chrome parallel of Zack Greinke (Dodgers) and a Chrome Refractor parallel of Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankees).

The Greinke is numbered 153/999 and the Ellsbury is numbered 369/566.

Our one action variation this time goes out to the Giants.

That's Madison Bumgarner "in action" throwing a baseball.  How exciting!

Finally, our two blue hits!

First, this is the autograph - a beautiful on card signature of Jim Gentile for the Astros.

That's a great, great looking card!  I love it and I'm not even an Astros fan!

I also like our rare card from the box - a blue back parallel of C.J. Cron (Angels).

According to the pack wrapper, blue back parallels are seeded 1:462 packs (or about one in every other case)!  We've hit a lot of pretty rare cards so far which has made for a fun, exciting break!  I hope everyone is having a good time following along!  As usual, stay tuned for more - still another 4 Heritage boxes plus the Clubhouse Collection box to show off!


Matt Stupienski said...

I hope you realize this is truly the REAL pi day. :D 3/14/15

Matt Stupienski said...

...or I suppose next year as well if you enjoy rounding.

Bru said...

I said it on Twitter and I'll say it again, that Gentile is awesome! Plus it crosses another Houston signature off my list.

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