Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Case - Box #4: How Did I Miss That?! (A Mini #ed / 100)

As with the previous three boxes from our 2015 Topps Heritage case, I go through each card much more carefully when preparing the box-by-box breakdown post.  I have been taking great pains to find every gum stain parallel, every short print, and yes, every other variation in the set.  For the most part, I can forgive myself for missing most of the variation cards during my initial box break on video...after all, some cards like the super rare error card we got in box #1 you wouldn't even know about unless you read through the paragraph on the back of the card!  That said, my careful perusal of the contents of box #4 did reveal a card that I had no excuse for missing during the initial video.  Or, at least I don't recall seeing it then... and that's one of the 1:231 pack mini cards numbered out of only 100.

Yes, there was a mini card in box #4 and I am pretty sure I missed that during the video (or else my memory is actually worse than I thought and I have since forgotten that we discussed it during the video).  No matter, if you scroll down to the end of this post you'll see the mini!

Before we get to the mini, let's start from the top.

The box topper!

Our box topper is another buyback card - and of the three that we've found to date, two of them have gone to the Giants.  I'm doubting Adam expected to get the actual 1966 Topps Giant's set from the break but he is making good progress!

Next, the requisite 8 short prints.

The west coast made out well in box #4 with two short prints for both the Mariners and the Dodgers.  Throw in the Rockies' one short print and five of the eight short prints belong to teams on the west coast (or coast-ish in Colorado's case).

Moving on to the inserts, I know in the video I made a crude joke about the NFL and their balls...  For shame.

I like the lunar card more - even if it is simply a photograph of some rocks.  On the baseball side of things, it was all Orioles in this box!

The New Age Performers cards once again came three per box - this time we featured two standard names plus Javier Baez for the Cubs (and, by extension, Matt).

I'm not convinced Baez belongs in the group but to be fair I don't know much about Baez.  I guess it was Topps' way of getting some of the other teams in the various insert set checklists.

On the other hand, Topps didn't get to mix up the teams much at all when it comes to the Then & Now cards.  Once again, we pull two with a heavy load of Dodger blue.

Three out of the four players belong to Dodgers...and so Play at the Plate will be up to his eyeballs in Dodger cards out of this break.  I fully expect he'll be contacting the likes of gcrl and Night Owl (among others) with "offers of trade."

Box #4 produced a pair of chrome cards - one regular and one refractor.

Our regular chrome card is of Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) while the refractor is of Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins).

The Pedroia is numbered 653/999 and the Stanton is numbered 530/566 for those that like to keep track of things like that.

Our box hit was another relic - that's four so far (though if you saw the video you do know that we have an autograph coming up soon)!  Box #4's relic is of Christian Yelich of the Marlins.

Who would have thought the Marlins would have such a strong showing in the box?!

The other box hit of sorts is the action variation.  This time, it goes to the John M. and the Braves with this Craig Kimbrel variation.

I don't recall ever seeing the Braves wear that bright red ball cap.  It looks more like it belongs on a Diamondback player's noggin.

The fourth box had two other cards that I think I missed in the initial pack openings.  First, there was another gum stain variation.  This one is of Tony Watson of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Congrats to Matt for that one - a good smelling addition to your collection if nothing else!

All of that leads us to the final card of box #4 - and yes, it's numbered 003/100.

That's Jordan Zimmerman providing a mini parallel (seeded 1:231 hobby packs) for Kirk's stack of cards.

A great addition to the break for sure...and an exclamation mark on box #4!


TTG said...

I believe the red-fronted Braves cap is from the All-Star game.

JediJeff said...

Yeah - that Kimbrel is from the All Star game. I am going to take the counter point to TTG and say how crappy those caps were.

Matthew Scott said...

Silly gum parallels, but hey I'll take it. At least it is a guy who doesn't have a whole lot of cardboard variation.

John Miller said...

Can't wait to get my goodies.

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