2015 Topps Heritage: Half the Case Video REPLAY!

Want to see a red ink serially numbered autograph?  How about a retired star relic?  A gum stained card?

Well, you are in luck:


  1. I'm sure you'll see them as you go through the cards, now, but you got a lot of "Action" variations that you didn't mention on the video. They fall about one per box and a lot are of players in the SP numbers. So you'd note that they were SPs, but not action variations. I saw Strasburg, Bryce Harper and Mike Stanton (I'm never calling him Giancarlo) to name a few. Not a criticism. Heck, I can't imagine breaking a case, trying to keep it moving, and catching all of Topps little tricks all at the same time. Has to be daunting, to say the least.

  2. Cool stuff. I squeezed in most of the video this morning. You might consider posting separate short "recap" videos showing off the hits after the main video.. for those of us tight on time. Also, definitely nothing directed at you in particular, but some paranoid collectors out there would probably appreciate it if the cards were being opened in frame, just to feel confident there's no monkey business going on. We don't really see the cards here unless you hold them up.

  3. Stubby: Yes, I didn't want to take the time to try and figure out all the variations on camera - I will be sure to do my best to post them all in the individual box break downs on the blog over the next week or so! I was happy that I caught the gum stain card on camera to be honest :)

    defgav: Your comment about keeping the cards in frame is a good one. I never even used to do video breaks so the whole concept is still a work in progress for me. I an assure you that no monkey business happens on my end but I do understand the need for transparency (that was why I shifted to video breaks to start with). I'm not exactly sure how i can keep all the cards in frame as I open them (I use my laptop's built in webcam). Ideas are appreciated!


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