Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Delivery Time: More Unexpected Goodies from the Group Break (Sportscards from the Dollar Store)

Back when Topps' flagship set came out, I held a group break which ended up being quite successful for just about every team (something that I love to see as a host)!  Since then, I've actually gotten a few "thank you" packages for hosting the break.  The latest such thank-you envelope is a PWE from Douglas over at Sportscards from the Dollar Store.

Douglas claimed the Mets in my group break which ended up being an excellent choice.  You can see the full results of his end of the break here - and I will say that includes a case hit!  As a token of his appreciation for me choosing an awesome case, Douglas sent a few assorted Reds my way.

We begin with a Breaking Out insert card of Jay Bruce.

This card has a 2014 copyright date but I don't recall ever seeing the design before.  It reminds me somewhat of a comic book for some reason - maybe the multitude of colors (or else the falling meteors)?  Either way, this is an awesome addition to my Jay Bruce collection!

Out of the remaining Reds' cards that Douglas sent me, the two that most caught my eye were these two Draft Picks by Panini cards.  

I don't buy Panini stuff so getting Reds' cards from the brand are almost always great additions.  The blue Gavin LaValley card is numbered out of 199 which is cool.  I will admit though that I've never heard of either player - does that make me a bad Reds' fan?

Thanks for the "thank you" mailing Douglas!  I can only hope the upcoming 2015 Topps Heritage group break goes as well for all participants!


Ryan G said...

Breaking Out came out of Opening Day and I thought it was pretty cool-looking!

Adam Kaningher said...

Yet another awesome Opening Day insert!

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