Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Delivery Time! My First 1/1 Barry Larkin Card!

Earlier this year, I held a group break in which Gavin (from Baseball Card Breakdown) was a participant.  Gavin claimed a bunch of teams for a discount price and ended up doing very well in the break.  You don't have to take my word for it though - he posted about his haul in two parts (here and then here).

Before I get to what Gavin sent me in a way of saying "thanks" for his haul, I want to take the opportunity to advertise my newest group break which includes five 2015 hobby boxes from five different sets (Bowman, Gypsy Queen, Opening Day, Museum, and Panini Diamond Kings).  It should be a fun break - so go here to sign up.

Ok, now that the advertisement is over, let's take a look at what Gavin sent me (which includes my first 1/1 Larkin card - more on that in a moment)!

First, a lone 2015 Topps Series 1 base card.

I'm now down to only needing a pair of 2015 Topps base cards (#75 and #108).  It'll be a good day when I can finally put the entire set in binder pages!  After all, you know I like to work on complete sets (see here for my most recent Great Reorganization post if you missed it).

In addition to the 2015 base card, Gavin threw in a couple of assorted Reds cards including this super shiny Austin Kearns card out of Topps Finest.

I generally don't buy sets like Finest so getting cards from the set in a surprise envelope is always appreciated!

Speaking of appreciated, here's the big one from Gavin:

Yeah, that's a custom Barry Larkin card (with a LEGO logo and LEGO hands for good measure)!  It also glows-in-the-dark which is fairly rare for a baseball card (and at least this card has something on the back of the card)!

Many thanks for joining my group break Gavin - and even more thanks for the goodies you sent my way!  As for anyone else, you know the drill:  Want to trade?  Check the want list and make an offer!


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Glad you like, and best of luck with your current group break!

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