Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Group Break! SIXTEEN TEAMS REMAIN (Dodgers, Yankees, Giants, Phillies, Rangers, Blue Jays, and More)!!

In case you missed it, I've decided it's time to host the third group break of the year here at Nachos Grande.  This time around it's a FIVE box break (with 5 different sets represented) and tiered pricing (meaning you can nab some teams for less than the cost of a blaster after tax)!  The boxes in the break?
  • Topps Museum
  • Topps Gypsy Queen
  • Topps Opening Day
  • Bowman
  • Panini Diamond Kings
Lots and lots of cool stuff there - plus I'll throw in some extras as I almost always do!  I need to sell at least twenty slots to make this work - as of the time I wrote this post that means I need to sell at least eight more slots.  Go here to sign up - but for quick reference, here are the teams that are still available as of this writing:

$35 Team Slots:
Chicago Cubs - Los Angeles Dodgers -
New York Yankees -
San Francisco Giants -
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos -

$30 Team Slots:
Chicago White Sox -
Cleveland Indians -
Philadelphia Phillies -
Texas Rangers -

$25 Team Slots:
Florida Marlins -
Kansas City Royals -
Minnesota Twins -
Oakland Athletics -
Tampa Bay Rays -
Toronto Blue Jays -

$20 Team Slots:
Arizona Diamondbacks -
San Diego Padres -

Again, go here to sign up please!


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