Friday, May 01, 2015

Group Break #3 Begins NOW! (You Can Still Sign-Up!)

That's right - I'm too excited for my next group break to wait any longer.  I ordered all five of the boxes for the group break with the understanding that they should arrive by this coming Monday.  However, since I still have some slots to sell (go here to sign up), I thought it'd be fun to begin the break with a couple of bonus packs.

 I will say that a few people did quite well with the bonus packs - and there are a bunch of unclaimed teams that could now be guaranteed some sort of cool item - watch the video to find out which teams made out!  I will be allowing sign-ups for the group break up until I start busting the real boxes for the you should jump in and claim a team if you are interested.

Also, for those that haven't yet paid, please do so!


Julie Owens said...

I'm off to a great start! Looking forward to the fun! You chose a great variety of product.

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