Monday, May 04, 2015

Nachos Grande Group Break: BEGINS RIGHT NOW! Box #1 of 5 Opening Now!

That's right - it's finally time to start the real part of the group break.  The five boxes arrived at my house today and so let's get going.  Tonight, I'm opening up one of the five boxes.  From there, I'll hopefully get a few scans up sometime tomorrow and then move on to box #2.



Julie Owens said...

im watching - thru the blog. all looks and sounds great!

Julie Owens said...

let's get Bowman over with... ;)

Nachos Grande said...

Oh good, glad to hear it! Thanks for participating (and watching the video)! I'll have to figure out a good time (and advertise ahead of time) for some of the boxes. It's fun to get a nice conversation going while the cards are being ripped!

Julie Owens said...

I'll use Hangouts on the next round. thanks for doing the work!

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