Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Group Break: Box #2 (a smorgasbord of parallels!)

I plan to write a single post for each of the ten boxes in the 2015 Topps Archives group break case.  Yesterday, I posted the contents of the first box which means this morning it's time for box #2!

In an effort to save a bit of time, I won't be scanning every single insert beginning with box #2.  In fact, I won't scan the Presidential Chronicles, nor either set of '90s inserts (#1 draft picks and the rookies).  Those are all common enough that I don't we need a hundred (or ten at least) scans of if you really want to see every single card why don't you just watch the video!

I will, however, continue to show off plenty of the other goodies in each box including the four Topps Game inserts (because those are pretty cool).

I flipped the Freddie Freeman over so that you could see what the back of the cards looks like (plus I ended up getting stuck with the Braves so I know no one cares about Atlanta's cards).

Each hobby box of Topps Archives should contain a few different "box hits."  You should get one buyback card (ours was a Wayne Garland 1978 card).

You should also get a single Will Ferrell card - this time we got Ferrell as a Mariner!

I wonder what he was yelling there?  Probably something to the effect of "swing batter, batter, batter."

Finally, each box should have at least one silver parallel.  I say "at least one" because the silver parallels are actually seeded 1:18 packs meaning some boxes will have two such cards.  This box was one of those lucky boxes!

Our two silver parallels include Ryan Braun (#078/199) and Dustin Pedroia (#121/199).

We also hit "gold" in terms of a gold parallel.  The gold parallels are much rarer (1:70 packs).

Our gold was George Springer of the Astros (#07/50).  Congrats to Brett B. for landing that card!

Finally, we reach the two autographs.  Our first goes to the P-Town Tom who landed the Giants...a really nice looking J.T. Snow card.

The better autograph though goes to jaybarkerfan who has the Yankees.  He landed this silver parallel of Sparky Lyle.

The Lyle is numbered 023/199 on the back - which does make me wonder just how many base cards some of the signers actually had to sign!  I should mention that the silver parallel autos are seeded 1:83 packs so these are pretty darn rare!

Congrats to everyone who has hit it big in the first two boxes.  As I said in the last box recap post, we aren't nearly done yet!!  Keep it here at Nachos Grande for the reveal of a few MONSTER Archives boxes from this case!


Mark Hoyle said...

Love that Sparky auto. Is it up for trade

Jeff Jones said...

I wish I could've afforded to join your break for the braves but alas I had to settle for a blaster. If you wanna trade them I'll check your want lists.

Jeff Jones said...
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jaybarkerfan said...

Its yours

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