Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 375: 1996 Select - #32

Barry Larkin
Year:  1996
Brand:  Select
Card number:  32

I am not afraid to admit that I love the 1993 Select set quite a bit.  Unfortunately, the magic of the '93 set never seemed to wear off on most of the later Select sets.  In the case of the 1996 Select set, there's nothing glaringly wrong with the card per se...it's just a boring card.  The front image is the same two hitting images of Barry Larkin that we get on just about every card while the back features vertical stats (which are a no-no in my book).  Also, why is the team logo so stinking small on the back of the card?  Also, why is Larkin's face outlined with a red box on the card back?  Come to think of it, I guess there is plenty of stuff wrong with this card - including that smokey (?) background used on the back of the card.  Even so, I still appreciate the addition to my Larkin collection (even if I'll never chase the rest of the 1996 Select set)!


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