Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 2 - Packs 9 - 12 (More Pirates!)

After the excitement of pulling my first ever 1/1 wood mini from Allen & Ginter, the next four packs can't possibly live up to the previous four, can they?

Let's find out together!

Box 2:
Packs 9 - 12:

Once again, the four packs provided a litany of short prints (three to be precise).  That puts box #2 at 9 short prints through 12 packs.  A prodigious pace once again...and perhaps even more proof that this should have been my Gint-a-Cuffs box!  My favorite base card though goes out to Grant Miller (of Ginter codebreaker fame).

Out of the four minis this time around, I ended up with a regular back mini (Marlon Byrd - a Red!), an A&G back mini (LaTroy Hawkins), and a black border mini (Megan Kalmoe).  I don't think any of those compare to the 1/1 wood mini from the last post - but getting a Reds' mini is still appreciated by me!

The fourth mini was the highlight though - my second Hoist the Black Flag mini!

I love everything about this insert set - especially the design with the path and the "x marks the spot" bit around the outside of the card.  Just perfect!

The only other two cards of note this time are a pair of full-sized inserts.  One being a Great Scott card of the Polio Vaccine.

It's sort a strange image for a card dealing with a vaccine but the concept certainly fits in with the Great Scott idea!

Finally, we have another Ancient Armory card.

The Cutlass was mostly a weapon used by sailors (and especially pirates) which means we have another pirate themed card for the post!

Despite a fairly lackluster quartet of packs, I'm still loving box #2!  I'm anxious to see if the second half can possibly be as good as the first half (remember there should be two more hits yet in the box - I don't think the wood minis count as actual hits)!


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