Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 3 - Packs 13 - 16 (a No-Number Mini and a Hit!)

I'm making good progress as I progress through the case of 2015 Ginter (and I wanted to use the word "progress" in a pair of ways in the same sentence)!  If you didn't know, I'm actually writing each post as I open up the packs - it helps me keep the fun going longer...and it makes for a much less tedious ending of having to write a bunch of posts!  Even better, it gives me an excuse to actually look at each card and read the backs of many of them as I go along!

The good news about all that is that I'm actually quite a bit ahead of the's actually only Wednesday evening as I am writing this post - but it won't go live on my blog until Sunday evening.  I'm anxious to get the case opened up so that I can put a lot of the stuff on eBay.  It's my only way to pay for cards - I need to be hobby self-sufficient!

Box 3:
Packs 13 - 16:

Four packs, three more short prints!  The best of the base (in terms of cards that I haven't yet scanned at least) was the Lakey Peterson card.  Lakey is a surfer from California according to the bio on the back of her card.

We found our second full-sized 10th Anniversary buyback of the box - and it is actually a good one (for me).  It's a 2012 Adam Dunn - I love the big donkey so this one's a keeper (even though he is in a White Sox uniform here).

The minis were a varied bunch - two regular back minis including a Lakey Peterson (a Lakey hot box!).  One A&G back mini of Dustin Ackley and a no-number mini of Ian Desmond.

I have Ian Desmond on my fantasy team this year and he's been terrible.  Therefore, this card will probably end up on eBay before long (maybe even by the time you read this post)!

My full-sized inserts were a What Once Was Believed of California Island which was kind of lame and an Ancient Armory card of the Quarterstaff.

That picture took a bit of study in order for me to convince myself that the guy in blue actually had arms.  I think he's simply raising his quarterstaff up in an attempt to bludgeon the Peter Pan wannabe on the right.

Along with all of the above, we also found our first relic of the box - it's another 10th Anniversary style card - but this one has a pin stripe at least.

Now the question is:  Where are the Rockies fans?


hiflew said...

I'm still here, just a bit quiet for a while, so that's one of us Rockies fans accounted for. I don't know about the other two. I'd like the Arenado relic and any Rockies minis/buybacks that you are willing to part with. I'm sure I can find you something for it/them. I got a Jane Pierce mini if you still need that one for your set and I'm sure I can find something else.

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