Monday, August 03, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 10 - Packs 13 - 18 (Another Hit plus a Fake Dino!)

I hope your Monday is going well - and if it isn't, maybe a fake dinosaur will cheer you up?

Box 10:
Packs 13 - 18:

The fake dinosaur that I am referring to belongs to the What Once Was Believed set - and given that, you could probably guess I am talking about the Brontosaurus.

The "thunder lizard" never actually existed according to scientists - the wrong head was put on an apatosaurus body and people didn't initially realize the error.  It's too bad too because I had a bunch of brontosaurus toys when I was a kid!

Next, how about some Deoxyribonucleic Acid?

That's DNA to most of us - and uhm, yeah, it's a pretty big discovery!

One mini of note this time around - a Calleta Silkmoth Caterpillar.

The Silkmoth Caterpillar is native the American southwest - so perhaps those of you from that area of the country and can shed some more light on the creature.  The back of the card says that the caterpillars eventually become quite pretty decked out in shades of yellow, blue, and green (and that the little bugs also devour greenery which isn't cool).

Finally, our second hit of the box.

Who is Sal Vulcano?

Well, that was my question when I pulled the card from the pack.  He is "famous" for being on Impractical Jokesters - a show that I haven't ever seen.  At least the cloth swatch is something other than white, grey, or black.

That concludes this set of packs - six more packs remain in box 10 and then it's on to the penultimate box!


JediJeff said...

If I pull a relic from that lame show, I'm pitching it in the garbage.

Anonymous said...

What? Brontosaurus is fake? When did this happen? Next thing you'll be telling me the WWF isn't real either.

P-town Tom said...

Yeah, I didn't know the Brontosaurus was fake either. The world is a changin'!

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

and apparently, Pluto is not a planet either!!

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