Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bubba's Bangin' Bits of Ginter (Mini Edition)

On Monday of this week, I took a look at the first part of a recent trade with Matt over at Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits.  Today, it's time to finish off our look at the trade by taking a gander at a bunch of great Ginter minis!

We begin with the one mini that wasn't on my want list - but it's a beauty that I'm happy to now own!

That's one of the red minis that were available in the five card box topper packs (one per case).  All of the red minis are numbered out of 40 - this particular Todd Frazier is #18/40 for those that like to know that sort of thing.

Next, a set that is no longer on my want list because Matt sent me the final three cards that I needed from it:  Birds of Prey.

That's a pretty good trio of birds right fact, if you were drafting a bird fantasy team I would imagine that all three are top ten picks in the draft!

On a side note, what exactly would a bird fantasy league be all about?!

I digress.

The next set to be featured also gained another three cards thanks to Matt - unfortunately for me though, I had needed four cards to complete it (which, if you are following along with the math means I now only need one more card to finish off the set)!

Those are all from the A World Beneath Our Feet set.  Once I get card #14, I'll have this mini set finished off as well...pretty good progress actually (especially considering how many 2007, 2013 and 2014 mini sets I'm still working on years later)!

The rest of the cards that Matt sent me all helped to inch me closer to completing some of the other mini sets (Magnates, Barons, & Tycoons, Hoist the Black Flag, Mythological Menaces, and First Ladies).  

Thanks to the trade with Matt plus a few other recent trades, I am now within one card of both Hoist the Black Flag and the Mythological Menaces sets!  The Magnates set is only missing two cards and the largest of the mini sets - the First Ladies - is now within three cards of being completed.  Any help is obviously much appreciated!

I can't help but wonder if Hillary Clinton is elected president, will Bill Clinton get a place in future "first ladies" sets (obviously with a new name, maybe "first spouses" or something like that)?

Many, many thanks for the great trade Matt!  And, as I say all the time, should anyone else wish to swap cards, check out my want list and make an offer!


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