Sunday, November 15, 2015

2014 Topps Stadium Club: Mini Box #3 (Packs 1 - 2)

We are now ready to bust open the third (and final) mini box from the Topps Stadium Club hobby box.  I'm still looking for the three base cards I need...and we are all looking for that third promised autograph!

Mini Box #3 - Pack 1:

Andrew Dawson - Cubs
Babe Ruth - Yankees

Christian Yelich - Marlins
Jurickson Profar - Rangers
Parallel:  Shane Victorino - Red Sox

Another pack with no base for me.  On the bright side though, I like that Ruth card a lot...and the Red Sox landed a parallel so still a decent pack.

Pack 2:

Evan Gattis - Braves

Mariano Rivera - Yankees
Jackie Robinson - (Mine!)

Billy Butler - Royals
Cole Hamels - Phillies

FINALLY!  I landed one of the three base cards I needed...and what a beauty it is!  I had to scan the Gattis card as well just because.

Four packs remain in this box..and then we have the 2015 High Tek box and we are done with the break!  Stay tuned!


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